WA Contemporary Youth Orchestra (WACYO)

The Western Australian Contemporary Youth Orchestra is the youngest
youth symphony orchestra in Australia and the only symphony orchestra in
Australia where all participating teenagers and children are of Chinese
WACYO established by a group of young musicians based in the City of
Melville, it takes “harmonious co-connection for a promising future” as it’s goal
and plays a crucial role as a friendship bridge between China and Australia. It
will become a symbol of young talents in WA, and demonstrate the vigorous
and outstanding spirit in the next generation of Chinese Australians.
The WA Contemporary Youth Orchestra are a group of young
musicians who practice and perform together lead by talented conductor
and teacher Fay Gao. The orchestra has two major parts, including the
modern juvenile symphony orchestra and the junior choir. It will present a
unique modern symphony performance with modern music and classical
elements collision in different music and cultural forms, from the western
to the eastern music pieces, from the classic to the contemporary music,
you will be involved with the musical language without boundaries.

WA Contemporary Youth Orchestra is proudly sponsored by Happy Tone
Children’s Wonderland, the city of Melville and Chinese Mums Association
WA. The WACYO has been presenting many successful performances,
such as the Australia Day Performance in the Limestone Amphitheatre .
They are the iconic talented young children in the Western Australia, they
will represent the next generation to build the stronger bonding between
multicultural communities, and thrive the musical diversities in Australia.