Toddler Room

Welcome to our toddler room!

Our toddler rooms are suitable for children at the age of 15 months – 3 years old. Our room is designed to meet the safety and developmental needs of young children. We provide plenty of room for our children to explore and learn through play.  

During their time at Happy Tone, each child has the opportunities to create, explore, develop personal interaction skills and learn problem solving skills and concepts through hands on experience.

Every morning our educators would set up various play areas which supports our children’s development and interest.
Messy play: arts and crafts, playdough, slime, sand & water play (outdoor)
Skills play: blocks, role-play, construction, puzzles
Creative Play: drawing with crayons, painting, dress-ups
Communication Play: Story-telling, sing songs and nursery rhymes that involves actions and touch
Music Movement Class (30 minutes each day)

Happy Tone Early Music program is suitable for children from birth to pre-kindy

At Happy Tone, we use AHaHfdjkfheoihmusic to help infants and toddlers to be in tune with their emotions such as happiness and sadness. We believe it is important for children to experience music at early age. Our music team including.

Our Daily Routine

06:30 — 07:30

Indoor Play

07:30 — 08:00


08:00 — 09:00

Indoor play/Outdoor play

09:00 — 09:30 

Morning mat session

09:30 — 10:00

Morning tea

10:00 — 11:00

Outdoor play/ indoor play + Experience of the day

10:30 — 11:30

Group Music

11:30 — 12:00


12:00 — 12:30

BS nappy time

12:30 — 15:00

Sleep time/ Rest time

15:00 — 15:30


15:30 — 17:00

Free Play Indoor/Outdoor

Good communication is very important to both us and families and we will do our best to keep you informed about your child’s day.
We record daily, all diaper changes, meals, naps and take lots of photos of our children throughout the day. All these will be posted on Xplor throughout the day. We also provide a weekly lesson plan in our room for parents so you have an idea of what is going on during the week. Each week has a new theme and we focus on the fundamental developmental areas such as language, motor skills and sensory skills.

We have a separate sleep room for those who need a rest. Most of our children would have some quite/nap time after their lunch – 12:30pm.

Children at this age will also be experiencing some changes from nappies to toilet. Our educators are well trained, motivated and committed to assist and work alongside with parents during this transition.

All our educators are positive role models who are supportive, nurturing and responsive to each child’s individual needs. Our goal here at Happy Tone is to provide a safe, enjoyable and growing experience for all our children alongside with families and our community.